Within neighbourhoods, there are a wealth of assets (such as people, organisations, buildings and open spaces), which contribute to the health, and wellbeing of the community. But without knowing what assets a neighbourhood has, what its residents think of them and how to make the most of them, it can be hard to bring about changes in local health and wellbeing outcomes.

CHESS, a unique app-based tool, enables residents to walk their communities recording opinions and ratings for each asset. Created for four healthy lifestyle behaviours – increased physical activity, stopping smoking, eating a better diet and drinking less alcohol – CHESS gives residents a voice to provide genuine local insight into how their environment helps or hinders their healthy living choices. Often used alongside other tools such as surveys, focus groups and community-wide engagement, CHESS provides powerful evidence from the perspective of residents to help design interventions to prevent chronic disease and guide healthy urban planning.

Press Red delivers CHESS in partnership with C3 Collaborating for Health and Matrix Public Health Solutions

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corner Camden & Islington Council

Assessing local assets for young people

We helped two central London boroughs understand what improvements were needed to increase physical activity participation by young people in six neighbourhoods.
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corner Wandsworth Borough Council

Engaging a community to be more physically active

We are working with the residents of a small area in Wandsworth to help them identify how their neighbourhood can encourage them to be more active.
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