Two London borough councils wanted to find out what young people in six neighbourhoods thought of the physical activity assets in their community.

What did we do?

We mapped all of the physical activity assets in each area before working with youth clubs to recruit groups of young people to be CHESS scanners. The scanners, using the CHESS app, walked their neighbourhoods, rating and recording opinions on each asset. After collating data from the walks, we led interactive workshops with the scanners. Collectively we reviewed their findings to identify ways in which the assets could be used to entice them to be more active.

What was the result of our work?

The councils now have an evidence base upon which to plan their future investments and services in these six priority areas. We produced six reports which listed, categorised and mapped all of the physical activity assets in the areas with comments and ratings provided by the scanners. Using these findings, each report proposed a series of recommendations and solutions to make the assets more appealing to local people. This work was part of a larger research project into the physical activity needs of young people in Camden and Islington, which included a survey of 1,800 people, focus groups and stakeholder interviews.