Growing more physically active communities and increasing sports participation in an area requires accessible facilities, pitches and open spaces that meet the needs of the local population. To plan and achieve the right mix, requires an evidence base of current supply, built through a robust assessment of the quantity and quality of facilities and pitches in an area, as well as a clear understanding of the demand from the local communities. Only then can you understand what will be required in the future, and establish coherent policies and strategies that will inform development and investment decisions.

Our team and the partnership we have formed with Stuart Todd Associates Ltd. brings together expert technical and strategic planning capabilities for sport facilities and playing pitches, with sector leading sports and physical activity development knowledge and expertise. Our collective experience includes:

  • Previous delivery of audits and assessments for facility and playing pitch strategies.
    We have undertaken and helped to develop audits, assessments, strategies and action plans for mainstream sports’ built facilities, facilities for wider and less informal sports and pitches at County, Unitary and District levels (in urban and rural areas) compliant with the PPG17 Companion Guide, new Playing Pitch Strategy guidance and the methodology now encapsulated in the new Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guidance.
  • Breadth of knowledge within the sport and physical activity sector.
    We understand the sport and physical activity landscape, the policy context and the relationships which exist that influence sport and physical activity at all levels.
  • Research and consultation capabilities.
    We have conducted a number of robust and in-depth research-led consultation projects using various methods and tools. We are also proficient at recording and clearly presenting insight for it to be used in a variety of practical ways including through GIS mapping.
  • Supporting organisations to set a clear direction.
    We are adept at turning insight into evidence-based recommendations. We encourage the client and stakeholders to ‘check and challenge’ our recommendations as part of the process.
  • Project management capabilities.
    We have a track record of successfully implemented commissions with values ranging from £5k - £2m that have been delivered on time and to budget while achieving agreed outcomes.