Camden and Islington borough councils wanted to know what was needed to increase participation in sport and physical activity by young people living in the area.

What did we do?

We carried out an extensive research project looking at the factors which affect young people’s participation in sport and physical activity in Camden and Islington. Factors included the local and national strategy context, current participation levels, barriers and motivations to participation and supply and demand in the area. Research methods included desk research, focus groups, online surveys of young people and stakeholders, telephone interviews with stakeholders and physical scans of local areas with young people using the CHESS tool.

What was the result of our work?

We produced a report for the boroughs, changing thinking on how sport and physical activity should be delivered and promoted. The report contained recommendations and solutions for areas including marketing, facilities, policy, the supply and demand of activities and specialist provision for girls and disabled young people. Ultimately, our recommendations will lead to a shift in provision of sport and physical activity, creating an increase in participation among local young people.