PACL and PAWL commissioned Press Red to carry out a strategic review of 13 CSPANs from across London. They wanted to assess their current and potential development, allowing the CSPs to understand, represent and support CSPANs and the wider delivery system in London more effectively.

What did we do?

The review focused on defining what an excellent CSPAN would look like and we designed a self-assessment tool for this purpose. Leaders were able to assess their CSPAN’s progress against this agreed definition with our team guiding them through the process. We then collated our findings and presented back the results to all members at a facilitated workshop for each CSPAN. During the workshops, members collectively identified their strengths, areas for improvement and came to an agreement on priority actions.

What was the result of our work?

PACL and PAWL’s boards were left with a better idea of how to support their CSPANs and recommendations on how they might address the common challenges affecting them.

“I believe Press Red have delivered an excellent, professional piece of work for Pro-Active West London, that clearly achieved the objectives that I set out in the original brief. They provided regular progress briefings for me as the project developed and have been flexible in their approach, which has allowed the project to develop appropriately as issues have arisen. Our partners who have been involved in this work have commented on the professional way Press Red has delivered the project.”

Simon Lister, Partnership Director, Pro-Active West London