Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club wanted to reflect on their journey as a club so far and gain a clearer, unified sense of their future direction.

What did we do?

We designed and facilitated a workshop which provoked discussion on some of the challenges faced by the club.

What was the result of our work?

The workshop gave the club a chance to discuss their current purpose and future direction and to what degree they were a competitive club. Following the workshop, we produced a report which advised the club on how to develop a strategy for the future.

“I'm in no doubt I underestimated the impact the day would have on WCPSC.

At the time I knew we had achieved a great deal, it had been an inspiring afternoon and to witness the enthusiasm of everyone working together, in an environment away from the pressures of the day to day activities was in itself motivating and rewarding. We came away from the day with no doubt from the preparation before the meeting through to our agreed purpose, vision and key objectives, we had invested wisely in the future of the club. My goodness was that money well spent!

Working together with an agreed purpose towards a goal set by the team has improved relationships, communication and motivation. The improvements we have seen by having direction and common purpose have been quite staggering. I do believe much of this success is directly related to that early work and your expertise in facilitating and planning our strategy.”

Sue Falconer, Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club